Speed time to market and continuously enhance capabilities

Respond to market and customer demands quickly

Product development and continuous improvement require a great deal of data. To train machine learning models, the collection, review, and analysis of many different data sources are essential. Whether you are in early development and focused on simulation, or you are in production and focused on continuous improvement, you require a tool that provides visibility of all data in context so your team can collaborate and identify areas for further investigation and troubleshooting.


Pipe to Machine Learning

Integrate sensor, event, and control data into ML pipelines to train models.


On-Demand logs

Retrieve detailed logs and data dumps from the field on-demand.

control and monitor

Immediate Access

SSH directly to any online robot without managing a VPN.


Track KPI's

Track engineering KPIs such as disengagements, missed cycles, and error rates.


Bulk Deployments

Manage configuration deployments across the whole fleet.

control and monitor

Custom Metadata

Tag and annotate with your own metadata to get tailored output for your teams.