Preform safe, consistent, accurate and efficient inspections

Archive economy of scale through centralized operations, predictive analytics, and teleoperations.

Conducting routine inspections is a time-consuming but critical activity to ensure your operation runs smoothly. With Asimov you can simply gather together all the robot and sensor video and telemetry data needed to actively monitor inspections, review and root-cause issues, and analyze trends for preventative actions. Centralizing these activities maximizes the efficiency of your skill investigators and engineers and minimizes the time spent traveling to conduct routine inspections.


Resolve Issues Remotely

Leverage robotic resources already on-site to do an initial investigation. Reducing the volume of on-site visits required and improving the efficiency when they are.


Teleoperate And Support

Take control of any robot utilizing a real-time, low latency remote connection. Beam in and manually control the robot or issue a remote command to get the robot back on task.

control and monitor

On-Demand Diagnostics

Pull diagnostics and logs from the robot remotely right when you need them.


Root-Cause Analysis

Find the root cause of an issue remotely by reviewing data in context, slowing down and replaying, as well as marking points of interest.


Direct Access

Direct access to robot’s command line for real-time debugging.

control and monitor

Stream Robot-to-Mobile

Stream external robot perspectives directly from a mobile device. livestream data from an operator to the cloud alongside the machine’s on-board cameras; simultaneously observing both streams within your existing real-time observability dashboards.