Expose insights to enhance and deepen your customer’s experience

Expose critical information and insights directly to your customers

As your investment in robotic resources grows, it becomes increasingly imperative to expose performance and business metrics to customers and stakeholders. Asimov’s customer-facing portal provides a single pane of glass for your customers and stakeholders to monitor and track the efficiency, safety, and performance of their robots.


Costumer Portal

Branded portal that provides your customers and stakeholders with a real-time view of their fleet and performance metrics.


Remote Support

Enhance the customer experience with “white glove” remote support.

control and monitor

Notifications & Alerts

Use notifications to preemptively avoid negative customer experiences.


Data Insights

Use data collected to create & sell new insights for customers.


Fleet Monitoring

Keep on top of improper (or non-existent) usage of deployed devices.

control and monitor

Upselling Opportunity

Upsell customers on full control, monitoring, and analytics capabilities.