Prove Regulatory Compliance

Enforce regulatory compliance controls for HIPAA, GDPR, IEC-62443 and beyond

As organizations deploy robotics and other autonomous  technologies, they are stepping into uncharted compliance territory. Asimov is here to help Рwith our purpose-built robot native compliance controls, full visibility and auditing to facilitate compliance with less hassle.

events and logging

Event Logging & Reporting

Granular audit trails of access activity, scan events and coverage, ROS commands, robot activity, secrets activity and system events

compliance templates

Global Compliance Templates

Pre-defined compliance runtime policies mapped to specific security standards, such as NIST, CIS, PCI, and HIPAA

user accountability

Full User Accountability

Enforce granular user accountability and controlled super-user permissions

compliance enforcement

Compliance Enforcement Controls

Ensure only components and code that pass compliance checks are allowed to run in your robots

host compliance

Host Compliance

Scan and monitor robotic hosts for vulnerabilities, malware, and login activity, as well as discover and scan components connected to the hosts

certified benchmarks

Certified Benchmark Checks

Automatically assess robot configurations against benchmarks using Asimov tools or scheduled testing and reporting.