Centralized operations

Centralize your robot operations to monitor and manage a distributed fleet

By visualizing all data collected from the field and aggregating it based on location, customer, or fleet, organizations can track and quickly respond to trends or environmental changes. A centralized command center provides the operations team with the data, tools, and resources needed to efficiently manage a growing fleet of robots, without increasing support resources at the same rate.


Centralized Management

Monitor and manage your entire fleet through a single pane of glass.


Remote Investigation

Investigate and triage remotely instead of on-site.

control and monitor

Remote Control

Remotely assist robots with real-time teleoperation.



Improve device utilization and recommend product optimizations.


Real-Time Events

Increase operational efficiency through intelligent real-time alerting workflows.

control and monitor

Bulk Provisioning

Tune configuration and settings remotely to match changing situations.