Use Cases

Asimov provides value to a wide range of customer types and verticals. Irrespective of whether you are just beginning a robot development project, a RaaS provider looking to scale, or an enterprise with a heterogeneous fleet to secure and manage, Asimov has the robot security & management platform to satisfy your needs now and in the future.


Cyber Security

Ensure the flow of “good code” with robot-aware controls while automatically detecting and preventing suspicious activity.


Compliance and Auditing

Enforce regulatory compliance controls for HIPAA, GDPR, IEC-62443 and beyond

control and monitor

Centralized Operations

Monitor fleet-wide activities in real time, manage configurations centrally, and remotely issue commands to respond to changes in an efficient manner.


Costumer Management

Improve customer satisfaction. Provide real-time visibility into the performance and efficiency of robotic resources.



Access all the robot and sensor video and telemetry data that is needed to actively monitor inspections, review and root-cause issues, and analyze trends for preventative actions.

control and monitor

Product Development

Accelerate development cycles through the ability to review, analyze, and share the robust data captured and augmented within Asimov's platform to continuously improve the robot's performance.