White Labeling

Add the value of a robot security & operation center instantly by white labeling our solution.

Faster To-Market

One of the biggest advantages of white labeling

A major benefit of white labeling is that it reduces development time. Save time and money by leveraging an operations & security solution that can easily be integrated into your existing environment and become part of your core solution.

Consistent Experience

Extend Costumer Experience

Provide customers with enhanced services by extending your solution to include a robot security and operations solution.

Brand Everything

From Color Schemes to Tailored Interfaces

It is more than just dropping your logo on Asimov’s solution. In addition to the ability to customize the color scheme to match your brand, other aspects of the interface can be tailored to meet your preferences.


Take Only What is Needed

Asimov’s solution is modular to enable use cases where only specific functions are required, so you can get the operation center without security and vice versa.

As a result, the solution is lightweight and can be tailored specifically for your application.