Collecting the right data and transforming it into actionable insights

Device Health

Gain insights on the usage of your robot

  • Average daily usage
  • Time spent is specific control state like autonomous versus manual modes
  • Number of assists requested
  • Any metrics including battery life over-time, e-stops, average daily usage, distance traveled
  • Sensor temperature and other health scores

Device Security

Achieve unmatched visibility, protection & threat detection

Asimov’s Platform surfaces actionable insights for quick detection, investigation, and response enabling you to stop sophisticated attacks on your robots and gain real-time 360° visibility

Lower total time-to-detection

Reduce time spent identifying attacks with prioritization of critical incidents.

Detect in Real-time

Detect attacks early to prevent a larger incident and mitigate with runtime controls.


Discover trends across the whole fleet

In the context of robotics, analytics is essentially turning raw data originating from robots into insights for making better decisions – identifying inefficiencies, monitoring trends, diagnosing unique technical failures, or showcasing fleet efficiency and progress. These insights are critical to continuously improve the product, address site-wide inefficiencies or fleet-level trends that may not be apparent when looking at data at a device level. Asimov allows an organization to create reports and visualizations for specific stakeholders, highlighting the metrics required for that role.

Track essential metrics over time to improve root cause efficiency. Establish baselines and develop objective measures to provide efficient customer support.


Generate the right reports and visualizations for the right stakeholder

With Asimov it is easy to generate the right report for specific stakeholders, highlighting the metrics required for that role.


On-Demand Data Ingestion

When bandwidth is a commodity

Control bandwidth costs with configurable resource usage that is bandwidth and network-aware and allowing operators to trigger ingestion on-demand.



Maintain fine-grained control over what telemetry is sent, when, and how much.


Rely on built-in buffering, throttling, and quality-of-service in the presence of unreliable networks.
Managing a robotic fleet will involve trade-offs between the financial costs of bandwidth, the scheduling of ingestion, and the volume and variety of data types one continuously monitors. Asimov makes it easier to customize, standardize and automate ingestion to meet your business objectives.