Centralize your robot operations to monitor and manage a distributed fleet

Bulk Deployment & Provisioning

Provision multiple devices faster.

Asimov Dashboard lets you provision multiple devices at once, or you can integrate it with your existing robot provisioning workflow for even faster and more efficient provisioning.


Scalable & Flexible UI

Your Entire Fleet on a Single Screen

In the Asimov Dashboard, you can browse between hundreds or thousands of devices. Create customized views of the data coming from your robots or your entire fleet.

Fleet Application Configuration

Cloud-Enablement of Robotic Applications

Manage configuration parameters across different dimensions of your fleet. This allows a portion of your app to be configured from the cloud. This saves you the hassle of releasing a patch version every time you wish to make a minor change and A/B test new features.

Fleet-Wide View

Your Entire Fleet on a Single Screen

In the Asimov Dashboard, you can view your entire fleet over a map, a list of devices or a specific sub-group.

Get a summary of your fleet health. Aggregate fleet data at scale to answer high-value business and operations questions.

Customizable Metadata

Attach Metadata to Anything

With Asimov it is possible to search and filter along any dimension of your fleet with user-provided metadata that’s attached to every datapoint and robot.