Remote Control

Teleoperation of autonomous devices from anywhere in the world with a direct, secure low-latency connection without a VPN.

Real-time connection

Utilize a low-latency, peer-to-peer, secure connection to operate your devices remotely.

Using a web browser, you can command and control your autonomous device in real time. Take control of the robot if it cannot regain autonomy. No matter what you need to do, you can rely on a computer, tablet, or even your phone as a port for real-time, peer-to-peer, low-latency teleoperation.

With Asimov, engineers can remotely control the robot to obtain more data, states, and insights from the machine without logging directly into the machine itself. Using predefined commands is easy or you can connect directly to the robot via SSH if access to the robot is required.


Map-Based Navigation

Visually plan, preview, and execute the robot's path over a secure connection.

Using a web browser, you can view and control the fleet’s location on the map.

It is possible to visually plan and execute the robot’s path which in turn allows for tailored automation in confined spaces.

Quickly fetch GPS coordinates in case the robot is difficult to locate or execute precalculated manuvers with your entire fleet.

Remote Intervention

Support requests can be handled synchronously or asynchronously.

Using a web browser, you can jump right into the robot and provide remote support to the robot or the end costumer.

Help the robot in situations where it is unable to act autonomously or provide remote support without the need to dispatch a field engineer.

Easily get full control and systematic view of the situation, including telemetry from every sensor and internal systems state.

Audio & Video Live-Steam

Experience the robot's experience in real time

Get an accurate sense of what the robot is doing, hearing and seeing in real-time, gaining context awareness of the environment and reacting as if you were on site.

Project robot’s physical display screen on Asimov’s portal and resolve issues faster through a shared understanding of the robot.

Mission Management

Plan Missions, Track Progress, Assist when in need.

Often, autonomous robots are dispatched to accomplish specific tasks or missions. Mobile robots may follow paths or move between locations based on predefined rules; cobot arms may physically manipulate objects around them. Asimov assists in planning these missions, tracking their progress and identifying situations where the robot requires additional assistance in order to complete its task.