Gain detailed insights into how your robots are being used and turn them into product improvements

Usage Insights

Immediate Insights for Continuous Improvement

Gain insights on the usage of your robot:

  • Average daily usage
  • Time spent is specific control state like autonomous versus manual modes
  • Number of assists requested
  • Any metrics including battery life over-time, e-stops, average daily usage, distance traveled
  • Sensor temperature and other health scores

KPI & SLA Report

Generate the right reports and visualizations for the right stakeholder

While your organization is developing, launching, and scaling their robotics operations, you will invariably encounter problems. Anomalous connectivity issues, spikes in error rates, highly variable battery charging, or discharging — the list of possible setbacks one might encounter are both numerous and highly variable.

As a result, you will require a great deal of information about your fleet from the very beginning if you hope to successfully identify and navigate these challenges as they arise.

Increase your customers’ velocity through insights. Gain detailed insights into how your robots are being used.

Asimov is here to help with detailed  detailed insights into how your robots are being used.

Continuous Analysis

Get a Step Ahead

Continuously improve on the efficiency of your robot’s mission. Track robot missions using metrics, generate reports, export to your favorite tools for more in-depth statistical analysis.

Trend Tracking

Never Miss a Thing

Improve root cause efficiency by tracking essential metrics over time. Get baseline values and generate objective measures to support your customers efficiently.