Advanced Cyber Security

Spend less time worrying about security and more focusing on your robots.

Vulnerability Management

“Shift left” security early into the RoboOps pipeline, accelerating delivery and removing obstacles.

Historically robotic software and hardware has not been designed with security in mind. Today these issues are starting to surface as critical security vulnerabilities that leave robotic deployments open to a wide range of attacks. 

Traditional security tools are unaware of robot-specific vulnerabilities and do not understand the context of a robot. Malicious actors can take advantage of this to shift their focus to robotic deployments.

Robotic systems are commonly an integral component of a larger industrial automation system and therefore it is critical to assure the risk of cyber breaches is managed effectively.

Filter the nasty bugs out

Secure robotics by minimizing their attack surface, detecting vulnerabilities, embedded secrets, and other security issues during the development process. Gain insight into your vulnerability posture so you can prioritize remediation and mitigation based on contextual risks.

Shift-left security

With Asimov, you can automate security testing in your CI/CD pipeline and detect emerging threats continuously by scanning robotic components, system packages, ROS packages, and other sources. By providing actionable feedback in CI environments, you empower developers to resolve issues quickly.

Get Accurate Results

In order to evaluate and present vulnerabilities in the most accurate manner, Asimov draws from many sources and conducts its own research. This minimizes false positives and unnecessary noise in the pipeline.

Understand the Risk

Prioritize vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to your environment by focusing on the most critical and urgent vulnerabilities. This is based on the components you run, availability of exploits in the wild, and level of exploitability.

Security Hardening

Robot Security Posture Management

Robot Security Posture Management (RSPM) is essential for keeping any robotic deployment secure and compliant.

Robotic deployments are dynamic. Different components change and have owners across different stakeholders, making it difficult to respond effectively to misconfigurations, compliance violations or security alerts

With Asimov security posture findings can automatically trigger interactive workflows for cross team collaboration, event investigation and automated remediation of posture findings

Automate Security Posture Remediation 

Automatically find and fix common misconfigurations and keep your robotic fleet secure and compliant with automation and orchestration workflows from Asimov


Runtime Defense

Active Protection for Robotics

Runtime defense allows to monitor for suspicious behavior at runtime. When a runtime threat is detected, the Runtime protection features help defend against threat actors attempting to tamper with your robot or the robot’s environment, and to perform a dynamic analysis.

The idea is to detect and/or prevent malicious activity from occurring inside the robotic system

With Asimov’s Predictive defense it is possible for example  determining when a robot runs a process not included in the original deployment or creates an unexpected network socket.

With Asimov’s Threat based defense one can detect when malware is added to a robot or when a robot connects to a botnet.

Stops Even the Most Advanced Threats

Built by industry veterans – Asimov provides first-class runtime security capabilities for any robot – anywhere. 

With Asimov you can be sure that no control-hijacking will occur in your robots when Asimov runtime defence acts as a last line of defense against damage from malicious attacks.

Network Security

A Purpose-Built Security For Robotic Networks

Robotic Network security is a set of technologies that protects the usability and integrity of a company’s infrastructure by preventing the entry or proliferation within a network of a wide variety of potential threats.  

The main difference between a traditional firewall and a purpose-built solution for robotics is that traditional security tools were not designed with robotics in mind, thus they tend to miss specific packets, generate a lot of false positives and overall provide poor performance in a robot enabled environment. 

With Asimov’s Network security it is possible to easily prevent unauthorised commands issued to your robots or to deflect a device masquerading as one of your robots or their control station. 

Asimov Network Security enables Access & Threat control on the network layer of any robotic deployment at any scale.

Why Network Security For Robotics?

Built by industry veterans – Asimov provides first-class runtime security capabilities for any robot – anywhere. 

Network security is essential in protecting robotic networks against data breaches given that virtually all data and applications are connected to a network at some point. Having your network hacked can ruin your organization’s reputation and put you out of business and with robotics – physical damage can occur. A good network security system can help mitigate the risk of falling victim of an attack. 

Advanced Authentication

RBAC, Encryption, and key management.

Authentication acts as the first line of defense to allow access to your robots and your fleets data only to those who are approved by the organization.

With Asimov defining access-controls has never been easier!


All Robot interactions and data points are associated with an individual user or device.


Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to define the privileges and responsibilities of administrative users. Administrative Roles define access to specific robots, data-points or any other resources connected to the platform.


Robotic networks such as ROS are not encrypted by default, allowing any man-in-the-middle attacks and packet snooping.

With Asimov the communication between your robots can be easily encrypted.

Logging & Attestation

Secure Audit Logs for any Robotic Action

Audit logs are secure, immutable, timestamped records of discrete events that happened over time.

These logs capture important events that may affect the functionality of your robotic fleet.

With Asimov you can collect all audit trails even when the robot is suffering a sudden network loss – never lose data, always be able to rewind and see what happened when and where.

Integrate with SIEM

Our audit trails integrates well with various SIEM systems. This enables traditional security teams to audit the robotic fleet with tools they are used to operate with.