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Robotics are the Next Big Thing in Agriculture Retail Manufacturing Delivery Logistics Healthcare Services Construction

But there are new threats and challenges that come with them



Discover issues such as robotic vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they leave the workshop. build more secure cloud-enabled robots.



Easily deploy, provision and manage an entire robotic fleet at scale. create security profiles and virtual walls. diagnose and resolve root-cause issues quickly and collaboratively.

control and monitor

Control & Monitor

Control your robotic fleet in real-time. Remotely teleoperate any robot from anywhere in the world without delays. create security gates and receive real-time events and alerts.

Immediate Control

Take control over your robot fleet – instantly, from where you need it. Seamless integration with multiple robot stacks. Design and execute multi-robot missions. Remote teleoperation and low latency video streaming simplified.

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The Perfect Solution For All Your Robot Needs

Whether you build robotic solutions or use them in your business, Our platform enables you to connect, secure, monitor and control your fleet.

Real-Time Connection

Connect your robots in minutes. A centralized platform connecting your robot fleet - to the people and things that help them do their jobs better. Get immediate access to reliable and secure cloud and local network connectivity out of the box.

Real-Time Visibility

Stay informed of the status and health of your entire robot fleet - anywhere in the world. Craft your own dashboards with ultra low latency telemetry, and configure the alerts and diagnostics your business needs.

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We’re empowering the next generation of automation.

Asimov was built from the ground up for robotics

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Cyber Security

Robots bring new security challenges and unique vulnerabilities which traditional tools are unable to handle


Remote Control

Take control - from anywhere, at any time. Low-latency video streams and control channels mean you have the ability to operate your robots remotely.

control and monitor


Connect and configure your robots - securely, in minutes. Asimov provides the flexibility you need to add robots to your fleet - as your business requires them.



Monitor and analyze the health of your robots - in real time. See where your robots are right now, or how they behaved over any period of time you choose.



Gain insights through hindsight. Improve efficiency for your customers, fleets and operators. Track trends across all aspects of your fleets and prove ROI.

control and monitor


All of your robots on one platform. Securely operate hybrid robot fleets - whether it’s cleaning, delivery, or inspection robots or any other type you use

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